By: kayorsonsweaver

Dec 22 2010

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For some time I’ve thought about doing a 365 photography project. Of course there’s never enough time, no inspiration, no theme. What to do? Keep it simple. That’s what.

To me the point of a 365 photography project is to challenge myself to look at things differently and as a result improve my photography. Its also a pretty decent way of capturing a span of time, a slice of life. One year in colour, light and frame. So what’s the challenge?

16:25 – A seemingly arbitrary number. A moment that comes only once every day, every 24 hours, 365 days of the year. Somewhere between late afternoon and early evening. A great point at which to look at what’s around, pick something and click the shutter. Captured. One rectangle of light and dark. Always the same time, everything else changes.

So let’s see what happens. New Year’s Day 2011 right up to the end of the year. More arbitrary numbers and time. Let’s see if I can make any kind of sense of it all…


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