16:25 in spirit

By: kayorsonsweaver

Jan 08 2011

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When I saw these a couple of days ago I knew I just had to get a picture.

For the next five or six days I’m going to be working doing setup for the Montreal Auto Show to pick up some extra cash and a fair share of exercise. Unfortunately there’s no lockers on site and I’m not leaving my camera lying around for hours in a busy conference hall. I also doubt they’d be particularly happy to have someone snapping pics of the cars or displays before it officially opens – that’s usually the song. So instead of shooting a photo at 16:25 I’m going to notice what I’m seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking and experiencing at 16:25 and shoot something inspired by that after I get home.

You still get your daily photo. I still get to continue my 365 project. Sounds fair eh?


3 comments on “16:25 in spirit”

  1. Awesome. Skates are expensive tho — might be worth trying to knock those suckers down.

  2. Skatefiti! (and shoefiti)

  3. Someone at one of my jobs a few days ago told me that he saw a pair of dildo-chuks hanging on a power line in the neighbourhood. I must find these.

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